To invite a DJ or musicians?

People often ask who they should invite to the event: DJ or musicians. DJ and musicians perform similar functions, but they differ in presentation, picture and capabilities.
Musicians perform in blocks, most often 3 sets of 30 minutes. They charge guests from the stage, but are limited by a playlist, which is agreed in advance.

DJ takes on the musical accompaniment of the whole evening, performing the function of a sound engineer, he sets the background music, beats and backing. Also he plays in all dance blocks. Another advantage of a DJ is their musical flexibility. I recommend to send your musical preferences or your favorite songs to the DJ before the event.

If you can do without musicians, then without a DJ (sound engineer) it will not work.

A combination of DJ and musicians is possible.

For example: the first two blocks are taken by musicians, then DJ takes on.

For me personally, this is the perfect formula. To invite a DJ or musicians? The choice is yours.

The event host Aleksei Dubchak