What is not worth saving on?

It's about the wedding. 4 years ago, my answer would have sounded like this: the photographer, banquet hall (restaurant) and the host. Today, this list has been updated. Let's move on to the list.

Why not save on a Photographer?

You will spend most part of your wedding day with this person and maybe a couple of days before, filming a Love Story or a walk. You should be comfortable being together for more than 5 hours in a row. If the right photographer is nearby, you will be liberated, and the photos will turn out to be live. Time will fly by and you will not feel tired. After three months (on average, it takes that long to process the photos), you will receive ready-made pictures that will allow you to travel to that day and experience great emotions.

Why not save on the Banquet Hall (restaurant)?

The visual picture with which your wedding will be associated by all guests. A place where it will be nice to be. There are thought out locations for the on-site ceremony, photo zone, banquet and dance floor.

An important point is the cuisine and staff. The food should be tasty and the service timely and unobtrusive. In an ideal image, it looks like a Swiss watch movement, where there are many components, but everything works clearly.

Why not save on the host?

The emotions of the guests depend on the person who is the voice and conductor of the event. With the right host, you will experience aesthetic and auditory pleasure. Therefore, he MUST look good, the timbre of the voice should not cause discomfort, and when passing by you, you would not want to hide from him.

If guests listen to the host, often laugh and have fun, congratulations, you have made the right choice.

What has changed in the world of weddings?

The role of the Event Organizer has increased.

Many people do not understand how important this person is or confuse them with a coordinator. The organizer prepares a turnkey event and takes responsibility for the success of the entire project, solving 1000 tasks every minute. The coordinator will be with you on your wedding day and will solve on-line tasks. The organizer is a wedding expert who will save newlyweds from unnecessary worries and pitfalls during the preparation and conduction of the wedding.

How to find your organizer?

Firstly, it must be a professional who has experience. Secondly, to achieve mutual understanding. Also, there should be a sense of confidence and calmness that the event is in good hands.

Videographer Skill!

Video quality and approach have grown many times over in the work of the videographer. Although now, to see a man with a large camera on his shoulder, filming the newlyweds near the registry office is a common picture. A short film is created with real direction and specialized equipment: stage, quadrocopter, gyro scooter .... and this list is updated every year.

Get a 4K picture, real bliss for the eyes, where you will be the main characters. All this requires a large team and costs.

That's all I wanted to say. I hope the recommendation will be helpful.

The event host Aleksei Dubchak